Robert V. Reis, Jan 18, 2017

Adapting to Our Changing Environment

Four out of five Americans live in counties that were hit by at least one federally declared weather-related disaster in the last six years. In 2011 and 2012, the U.S. endured a record number of extreme weather events—heat waves, droughts, hurricanes, floods. Last year was the second hottest year on record in the U.S....

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Robert V. Reis, Nov 30, 2016

Putting Community into Community Colleges

With so much of our nation’s higher education focus on four-year schools, it can be easy to miss the fact that nearly half of all undergraduates in the U.S. attend community colleges.

The CC system—numbering more than 1,100 schools—emerged as a way to get skilled job training, and as a path for students not ready for f...

Jane Cady Wright, Aug 04, 2016

We are now Hanbury.

Today, we are proud to launch a new brand identity, an action that is very much a reflection of how we have grown as a firm. We have achieved a distinctive national and international position over almost four decades of practice, and that makes us unique among other regionally-scaled design firms. This distinct positio...

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Buddy Hall, Oct 20, 2016

Defensible Space – Student Security on Campus

Higher education campuses have long been designed as open spaces that welcome students, faculty and community. Modern buildings also strive for openness.

Yet we all recognize that, in today’s world, securing campuses for emergencies, from natural disasters to active shooters or acts of terrorism, must also be considere...

Robert William Crawshaw, Sep 26, 2016

Two-way Learning with the Summer Scholars

At Hanbury, our summer scholars are not interns. We consider them part of the team, and we are as eager to learn from them in their short time in our office as they are to learn about practicing architecture at Hanbury.

This summer, we had the pleasure to get to know Mahan Navabi who holds a Bachelor of Architectural S...

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Hanbury, Sep 15, 2016

North Carolina Bathroom Law Illuminates Transgender Access

Schools also face issues of inclusivity in housing

North Carolina’s new law restricting bathroom access for transgender people to restrooms that match their sex at birth has ignited a national furor that’s also reverberating on college campuses.

The U.S. Department of Justice has sued the state, saying the law violates...

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