Adam Schultz, Jun 07, 2021

Welcome to our 2021 Summer Scholars

Hanbury’s Nicholas E. Vlattas Summer Scholar program kicks off this week with some exciting opportunities. Our firm’s culture is enriched by the dynamic of having these young designers working with us elbow to elbow growing our strong firm connectivity and design community during the summer. Now that we have some maste...

Kendall Roberts, Apr 29, 2021

Business Development and the Democratization of Architecture Studios

Hanbury's CEO, David Keith, has always invested in young talent, given them a voice and a seat at the table when their ideas rise to the occasion. When Iben Falconer presented as one of this year's Virginia Design Medalists, she reiterated Hanbury's belief that even the most junior designers can take steps in securing...

Ashley Montgomery, Elizabeth Morgan, Katrina Uher, May 13, 2021

Resilience in Practice: resilient campus planning 1.1

The first roundtable of Hanbury’s three-part series Resilience in Practice | resilient campus planning focused on the unique issues and opportunities faced by small, private, liberal arts colleges. Our first roundtable recap can be found here.

Our thought-provoking moderators and panelists included:

Session Moderators...

Elizabeth Morgan, Ashley Montgomery, Katrina Uher, Apr 13, 2021

Resilience in Practice: resilient campus planning

Why are these Conversations Important?

We shared our thoughts on the meaning of resilience within Hanbury’s firm culture, practice, and community in January’s Resilience in Practice article. The subsequent discussion within Hanbury’s planning studio set the stage for what we hope will be an ongoing dialogue about lesso...

Ashley Montgomery, Elizabeth Morgan, Katrina Uher, Jan 15, 2021

Resilience in Practice

Framing the Concept

This turbulent year has tested our resilience. We have been forced to confront challenges and be adaptable in order to live, work, and engage physically, emotionally, and intellectually wherever we are in new and innovative ways. Our individual experiences of this pandemic are woven into larger syst...

David Keith, Mar 25, 2021

Thriving and Rising, Hanbury Announces Promotions

We are delighted to announce Hanbury's latest promotions. Each is in recognition of individuals who exceed the expectations of their roles and embrace our core values—collaboration, curiosity, nourishment, integrity, and fiscal responsibility—in their daily work and interactions with clients, consultants, and colleague...

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