We are now Hanbury.

Today, we are proud to launch a new brand identity, an action that is very much a reflection of how we have grown as a firm. We have achieved a distinctive national and international position over almost four decades of practice, and that makes us unique among other regionally-scaled design firms. This distinct position will benefit from a new identity, one that will present a simple, clear and bold face to the world as to who we are today. 

We amplify our voice when our brand is as easily recognized as the reputation we have built, and as timeless as the spaces and places we shape. Hanbury is about promoting--not changing--us. It bridges our rich past with our envisioned future. It is an opportunity to strengthen our recognition as a firm and launch us as we lean into our next decade and beyond. 

Hanbury is clear, bold and un-limiting.

But perhaps most importantly, Hanbury is a reflection of our collective of talented and committed employees. They have chosen to be part of our past, have imprint on our reputation, and are the foundation for our brilliant future.

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