• Bachelor of Architecture (Cum Laude), Auburn University (2008)
  • Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Cum Laude), Auburn University (2008)
  • Emerging Leaders in Architecture, Virginia Society AIA (2011)
  • Board Member, ACUHO-I Foundation

Abigail Watson particularly enjoys challenging herself to design at different scales, from intricate details to full housing master plans. She adds exceptional collaborative, technical, and documenting abilities to any project team and finds deep rewards in receiving feedback from clients occupying spaces she has helped design. In addition to her architectural background, Abbie leverages her interior architecture degree to help Hanbury craft beautiful, student-focused spaces. She serves on the executive committee of “Emerging Leaders in Architecture,” an Honors Academy of the Virginia Society AIA.  

"There is something special about taking something outdated and rundown and giving it new life. Many buildings on campuses symbolize so much to those who passed through them before; it's gratifying to see them do the same for the next generation."

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