• Bachelor of Architecture, University of Kentucky (1986)

A self-confessed science geek, George Kemper has programmed, planned and designed over a million square feet of laboratory space in his 30 years as an architect. In addition to his lab planning work—which spans higher education, research and development, pharmaceutical, clinical lab markets and animal research facilities—George has also spent eight years in a field administrative role on R&D labs and vivariums. Given his unique combination of experience, George understands the importance of coordination and commissioning in bringing a lab together and has risen to a position of authority in the lab planning space. He is a member of I2SL and, each year, for the past decade, George has been a prolific speaker and published author.

"I truly enjoy working with researchers and teachers in the science field. My favorite part is listening to them describe their work and their issues during the programming, schematic and design development phases because this is where we help define their problems and then provide creative solutions that meet their needs."