• Undergraduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering, Tennessee Tech University (1985)
  • U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratories Executive Leadership Training Program (2015)

Jimmy Stevens has 20 years of experience in engineering design and life-cycle cost analysis. His expertise includes a comprehensive understanding of site, climate, air, light and wind movement and how these factors contribute to a total campus plan. He is deeply engaged in energy modeling and sustainable solutions for campus clients, and has led LEED® Gold-certified projects. Jimmy also performs analysis on designs including computational fluid dynamics for air flow, WUFI moisture analysis for building envelope design, as well as Tableau for big data analysis and Safaira for whole building energy analysis. He is also engaged in lighting design including fixture design on a regular basis. When he isn't engaged in analysis, he's likely rendering with Maxwell Studio.

"The extent to which architecture can affect human behavior has always impressed me, and technology is now having a dramatic impact on design.  We are discovering new tools every year that change the way we visualize solutions."

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