• Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, North Carolina State University (2001)
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Florida A&M University (1999)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst (1993)

Patrick O'Keefe loves being an architect. He has spent the majority of his 26+ year career designing facilities that support scientific advancement and is inspired by his clients' aims to improve the human condition. Drawn to the complexity of these projects, Patrick continues to marvel at the creativity, craft and detail that goes into their successful design and implementation. Collectively, Patrick has managed over 5 million square feet of higher education and science projects from planning, schematic design, and design development to construction administration, but his favorite part of the process, is being on site during construction.

"To me, it's like unwrapping a gift every time you set foot on a project site. It's a pretty amazing feeling."