• Bachelor of Architecture, North Carolina State University (1983)
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture, North Carolina State University (1981)

Tim Winstead is a problem-solver and consensus-builder working with complex building types, particularly science and technology facilities. His award-winning work is well-published, and he is a frequent speaker for Project Kaleidoscope and Learning Spaces Collaboratory, Tradeline, and the Society for College and University Planners. He is particularly inspired by technically challenging projects, deriving energy and satisfaction from finding solutions to difficult problems. Developing alternatives and finding the best approach to a design challenge is his favorite part of the process.

“Architecture is about solving problems. The more complex they are, the more intriguing they are to me. I like to shape spaces to influence how people learn, particularly the spaces in between the learning and research spaces – the places that are social and interactive and make people feel at home in the building.” 

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