New Pharmacy School

The School of Pharmacy houses the new Doctor of Pharmacy Partnership Program. Due to a need for more pharmacists in eastern North Carolina, the General Assembly created a new pharmacy program at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) which is taught in conjunction with faculty located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). Students at ECSU take classes taught both by on-site faculty members that are associated with both universities, and other professors stationed at UNC that hold live teleconference courses.

By using the latest teleconferencing technology the pharmacy program is able to take maximum advantage of distance learning opportunities. This solution allows for the sharing of human resources with UNC thereby reducing the duplication of staffing at both Universities for some lecture courses. The same technology aids in sustaining existing communities by keeping students local to eastern North Carolina and thereby more accessible to the community that needs them.

The facility contains approximately 55,500 gross square feet with a net area of approximately 29,173 square feet. Spaces within the building include classrooms, teaching labs, a limited number of research labs, support spaces, and both faculty and administrative offices. The program has a yearly capacity of 60 students, which nets a total of 180 students. (The fourth year requires internships within the local community.)

The program arrangement organizes labs and classrooms around a two-story atrium which opens to the south facing the campus promenade. The linear plan is driven by the narrow triangular site for the project. The building is set back along one leg of the triangle making way for a bio-retention area which serves as both a water feature and method for storm water management for the site.

Previous experience of Timothy F. Winstead, AIA while with The Freelon Group, Inc. 

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