Campus Master Plan

Sewanee: The University of the South is surrounded by a serene and wooded landscape perched atop the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. This liberal arts institution is the steward of 13,000 acres called The Domain, and boasts one of the most striking Collegiate Gothic quadrangles in the U.S. Its master plan's goals included reinforcing vitality at the core of campus; enhancing connections; focusing development; strengthening residential communities; and creating an exemplary sustainable campus.
The Plan reinforces the relationship between the built and natural environments, encouraging intentional, focused development within the University's three major pedestrian zones. The campus core is reinforced as the undergraduate, academic, and historic center of student life, supporting the School of Theology - one of the leading schools in Anglican ministry. In addition, the plan strengthens Sewanee Village as the primary retail and support area for the University.
Residence life facilities on campus will embody engagement and equity, with places for study and socializing will not only be visible, but embedded in the landscape. The facilities themselves are to be developed using holistic environmental strategies, making The Domain not only a place of study and recreation but also a laboratory for sustainable research and practices.
“Hanbury's master planning process was careful and comprehensive, yielding not only specific recommendations but also planning principles that would guide future decisions for years to come. When a significant building was lost to fire, we turned back to the master plan, wondering if the principles would remain relevant in view of the unanticipated building site. They did. We had no need to revisit what had been so carefully achieved.”
John Swallow, Provost, Sewanee

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