College Park On-Campus Student Housing Strategic Plan

The University of Maryland Student Housing Strategic Plan outlines a vision for the residential experience  intended to create a more balanced mix of student accommodations that align with their student market demand. Approximately 1700 existing beds, distributed in existing halls, will be eliminated and replaced with roughly twice that capacity.

The planning process included a series of visioning sessions with campus stakeholders to refine the role of housing at Maryland, interviews with faculty and staff and focus groups with students from all class years to gain perspective on how existing residences function as residential communities. Peer institutions' housing priorities were also assessed, and a white paper was developed exploring the role of on-campus housing in achieving overall institutional initiatives. Lastly, a series of site planning workshops examined areas for housing expansion beyond those studied in the campus master plan.

The total cost of the plan is expected to be more than $700 million over 15 years, including $550 million in state-funded construction and renovation projects and $160 million for public-private partnership-financed construction. The phased implementation expanded the university's commitment to its signature living/learning programs while ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of its housing system. 

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