Incubator Space

The Virginia Beach Bio Incubator Space is envisioned by the City of Virginia Beach Economic Development (VBED) to house small bio start-ups, providing a community to encourage and foster innovation, research, and entrepreneurship. The facility will serve several industry sectors including medical devices development, environmental science, biotechnology, light advanced manufacturing or assembly/processing and service providers. At a modest 5,600 square feet, the space will offer wet and dry laboratory space, private offices, meeting spaces, and informal ‘hot desking’ collaboration space. The very nature of the work and research envisioned to happen here is flexible, undefined, and inventive, which informs the planning and design of the space. Flexibility is a key design component, allowing much of the space to serve multiple functions, including the ability to seamlessly switch from lab to office with minimal physical effort or financial cost. Facility Logix is overseeing the design, construction, and operation on VBED's behalf. Their expertise in bio incubators/accelerators has streamlined the design and construction process while bringing a depth of knowledge and research of startup companies' needs to the solutions of this project. Winners of the VBED Innovation Challenge were polled to ensure needs would be met in this facility. Hanbury’s expertise and leading role in interior design and laboratory planning maximized the space use, flexibility, and the occupant experience in this wellness inspired office and research space. The Incubator will be leased to start-up companies to test and develop ideas and will offer professional training sessions to help its researchers develop the business side of their efforts.

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