Congratulations New Associate Principals & Principals!

We are proud to announce the firm’s newest Associate Principals and Principals. These individuals have made a positive lasting impact on our firm’s performance and vibrant culture through their daily efforts and interactions with clients, consultants, and colleagues.

New Associate Principals:

Annesley Cole, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP BD+C | Designer

Annesley is a highly respected team member who has left her imprint on a wide range of project types and the culture of the firm. In addition to her technical design expertise, she is a knowledgeable resource about sustainability and the LEED process, which has had a positive impact on the firm’s body of work. A trusted advisor to clients and consultants and peers alike, she demonstrates leadership through her involvement in several working groups and committees at Hanbury to help build a beautiful future for the firm.

David Cole, AIA | Architect

Leveraging his strong design sense, design-build background, and a wide range of professional experience, David demonstrates the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit and has helped chart a prosperous path forward, especially within our growing Life Sciences practice. He models professionalism in all interactions and is known for his efforts to help mentor the firm’s junior designers and emerging talent. His thoughtfulness and consideration for others are apparent in his work and demonstrate his passion for people and how they interact with space, and his commitment to design excellence.

Elizabeth Morgan, Assoc. AIA | Designer

In addition to being a strong voice within the planning group, Elizabeth has been a positive force for cultural growth and enrichment at the firm, spearheading several important initiatives, including helping lead Hanbury’s Equity Diversity + Inclusion working group. Noted for her strong ethics and professionalism, Elizabeth is a respected advisor to colleagues, consultants, and clients alike. She is a knowledgeable, poised spokesperson for the firm and gifted at navigating complex business and design challenges.

Eric Mitchell, AIA | Architect

A talented, detailed architect, Eric continually demonstrates a commitment to the firm’s mission and vision and actively forges a path of individual growth that supports and encourages firm improvement across the board. His efforts to manage Studio Parametric across several projects and educate colleagues and emerging talent on new programs and techniques have positively impacted the firm. He brings a wealth of technical expertise, client leadership acumen, and a spirit of collaboration to his work.

Kendall Roberts, AIA | Architect

Kendall is a talented architect with a demonstrated commitment to design excellence, thought leadership, and advancing the profession and interests of the firm. Through his unshakable professional and personal ethics, Kendall contributes consciously to the firm’s well-being and positive reputation within the field. As an active participant in several of Hanbury’s key initiatives, he supports a vibrant firm culture that continually strives for excellence and collective growth.

Shawna Mabie, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP | Project Manager

Shawna has been a driving force in pushing forward the firm’s culture of continual learning and knowledge-sharing, which has positively impacted the professional development throughout Hanbury. Shawna leads by example through her proactive efforts to mentor emerging professionals within the firm and helps guide them through the licensure and examination preparation process. She is revered in the industry and a featured speaker on various timely topics facing our field.

New Principals:

Alec Yuzhbabenko, AIA | Architect & Design Principal

Known for his refined skillset and curiosity, client relations acumen, and involvement within the design community, Alec’s award-winning contributions to the profession and the industry far exceed his years and have left an indelible impact on the firm. A committed team player and trusted peer mentor, Alec brings diverse skills and abilities to each challenge—from architectural design and graphic design to public presentation, client relationship management, creative communication, and more. The interdisciplinary nature of Alec’s work is evidence of his ability to maneuver between disparate practices and his belief that creative thinking happens on multiple levels simultaneously.

Chrissy Gahm, CMA, CSCA, CPA, CGMA | Finance Director

As Hanbury's Finance Director, Chrissy guides our firm's financial well-being and growth and helps navigate toward a prosperous, sustainable long-term vision. A consummate professional, she skillfully oversees Hanbury's accounting, financial reporting, and human resources, and is highly respected within the field for her excellent financial director skill set and business acumen. Imparting the expertise gained in her decade-plus career in financial reporting and business process improvement within the AEC industry, Chrissy has made meaningful contributions to the health and longevity of our firm.

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