Robert V. Reis, FAIA, Becomes Hanbury's Eighth Fellow

Rob's election to the AIA College of Fellows is a significant milestone in his remarkable career as an architect, educator, and mentor. His work embodies design excellence, innovation, and a commitment to community-building, and his meaningful contributions are widely recognized by the profession and the public. As a new member of the AIA College of Fellows, Rob joins a select group of architects who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and achievement, and his election is a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication.

Rob's impressive body of work is celebrated for its exceptional design quality, which is a testament to his personal commitment to the profession as well as his community. His work is marked by several important themes, including a sense of joy and optimism that is achieved through intentional design, resulting in the transformation of culture and identity to advance the values and mission of his clients. Furthermore, his projects are known for promoting diversity and inclusivity, creating spaces that strengthen the sense of community and heighten the design's resonance. Rob's passion for creating environments that enrich people's lives is evident in his portfolio, which features award-winning placemaking that he has authored worldwide, including significant work in Korea, Mexico, and Africa.

Projects completed under Rob's leadership not only exemplify transcendent architectural design, but also serve to build and strengthen communities by creating inclusive, engaging spaces. These initiatives have garnered over 150 design awards and have led to recognition by the AIA, including Architect Magazine's Top 50 Architecture Firms and high rankings from Architectural Record and Design Intelligence.

As an educator and mentor, Rob has made significant contributions to the profession by fostering design excellence through his leadership and teaching. He has invested his time, empathy, and intellectual capital to mentor countless students and colleagues, serving as a juror, mentor, and resource for faculty. His commitment to design education is reflected in his numerous leadership positions at AIA Virginia, including tenure as a Design Forum Committee member, service on the Board of Directors, and leadership as President. Rob's tireless work to promote design excellence and foster a culture of innovation and creativity has made him a role model for architects and educators alike.

Join us in celebrating Robert V. Reis, FAIA for this much-deserved recognition of his exceptional contributions to the profession. His body of work represents the highest standards of design excellence, innovation, and community-building, earning him a place among the most accomplished architects in the field. We congratulate Rob on this monumental achievement and look forward to seeing how his work will continue to inspire and shape the industry for years to come.

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