Alec Yuzhbabenko is a Design Principal with Hanbury. His passion and creativity as a young designer has already received recognition on a regional and national level. His work has won awards from the AIA Hampton Roads, the Hampton Roads Association of Commercial Real Estate, and has been featured by AIA National. He has been cited for his collaborative spirit and has shown a constant pursuit for challenge and excellence. His contributions to the profession and the industry exceed his years. In the posture of a consummate team member, he brings a broad spectrum of skills to the design table—architectural design, graphic design, presentation, communication, and much more—so that creative thinking happens on numerous levels simultaneously.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Tech
"The responsibilities of an architect do not end at the property line. We are taught as problem solvers and must think far beyond a project's scope. Our decisions have the potential of impacting many over long periods of time."


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