Chris Bartlett’s 25 years of laboratory, biocontainment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agricultural-biotech, industrial and warehousing experience, along with his MEP engineering background, give him a different perspective when designing laboratory spaces. It helps him tackle critical details often missed by other designers. Using his fluency in several programming languages as well as his proficiency in Revit®, AutoCAD and Sketchup, he pioneered custom software databases for equipment inventory, room data and construction field reports, which link into BIM models for more efficient coordination and information flow to other disciplines. He constantly searches for ways to improve energy efficiency in laboratories, and for ways to make them flexible for the future. Having worked in science labs in college, Chris is comfortable collaborating with and talking to scientists in their own “language.” He likes to feel as if he is a part of their team as well as the design team. Chris presented “Top 10 Lab Design Pitfalls to Avoid” at the 2017 Laboratory Design Conference in Raleigh, N.C. 

  • Associate in Applied Mechanical Drafting & Design Engineering Technology, Wayne Community College

"Science is always changing. That’s apparent to everyone today. My goal is to stay in step with that change and develop spaces that make a real difference in our world.”