Josiah Kinney is an Architectural Designer with a specialism in visualization and the use of digital technologies. Josiah is passionate about applying new and advanced technologies and tools to creating more sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings. This includes knowledge and experience with computation design tools and modeling software. Josiah also enjoys engaging community members and project stakeholders in the design process. Outside of architecture, Josiah is inspired by both the simplicity and innovation in the design of everyday life and objects.

  • Masters of Architecture with a concentration in Digital Ecologies, Clemson University
  • Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing, Calvin College

“As we try to understand what is sustainable and what it means to build in an environmentally conscious way - that will define the next decade. As we start to understand the true footprint of buildings, use more accurate software and become better at designing them with healthier materials – I think architects are in a really good position to lead that conversation about how and what we build.”