Karim El-Araby is an Architectural and Urban Designer with professional and personal experience in the US and internationally – Karim is a first-generation American originally from Egypt and has studied architecture and urban design in Jaipur, India, and Barcelona, Spain. This global sensibility along with an interest in creativity, artmaking and architecture history translates back to Karim’s design work. Karim’s iterative design approach involves a continuous cycle of asking questions, sketching, and iteration. He is especially interested in the connection between buildings and architecture and their wider urban and regional context. Karim cares deeply about socially impactful design across scales.

  • Master of Architecture and Urban Design Certificate, University of Virginia
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Virginia
"Every detail and every big idea about the design of a space can positively influence the entire social context around it and open up more productive discussions across design disciplines."