As a designer, Perry Hammond believes in contextually-appropriate design and in the power of relationship between architecture and community. Perry’s portfolio spans higher education, multifamily residential and co-living, civic and cultural, and historic renovation projects. Across all these projects, Perry brings a strong focus on sustainability and designing for climate change and is deeply curious about the potential of BIM and digital tools to aid in reducing building carbon footprint and energy demand. Perry is also interested in creative use of materials including biomaterials. Perry’s design process balances organization and detail with exploration and experimentation.

  • Master of Architecture, Virginia Tech
  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Clemson University

"Architecture has given me a stronger sense of ownership and belonging in the communities I inhabit. Design has taught me observation skills, not just for the physical environment, but for the more complex cultural aspects of communities. I used to draw a distinction between the natural environment and the built environment. I now see that these realms are often involved in overlapping, messy relationships, and by embracing this we can design better outcomes for both humans and the environment."