Becky Ensogna is an experienced architect with a solid background in project management and client and consultant coordination. Since joining Hanbury almost a decade ago, she has focused on higher education projects. Becky is a tenacious defender of project design both programmatically and aesthetically and knows that a practical, durable building must result from even the most enticing rendering. She has a clear understanding of the metrics of budget, schedule, and consultant coordination, as well as a keen design sense. Her experience includes work on a variety of project types, from commercial and multifamily to student housing and dining.
  • Master of Community Planning with an Urban Design Specialization, University of Cincinnati
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Cum Laude, Virginia Tech
"Never let your ego get in the way. Unless you're designing your own house, you are not the one with the checkbook or the one who will occupy the space."

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