As operations director, Bill is responsible for coordinating and monitoring resource management; team composition and staffing plans; scheduling; and risk and quality management. He is intrigued by the application of new technologies to our practice, and focused on streamlining systems to best achieve project vision, design excellence and profit. 
As an architect and project manager, Bill has managed a wide range of project types and scales. He is experienced in the coordination of multiple disciplines to ensure design intent is realized in final construction, and that projects are delivered on time and on budget. 
  • Master of Architecture, University of New Mexico
  • Summer Study in Historic Preservation, University of Maryland, Cape May, New Jersey
  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of New Mexico
"Architects play a significant leadership role throughout the life of a project. It's a lot more than drawing pretty pictures; we're actively leading a client group through a very challenging process, helping achieve consensus among many diverse stakeholders with their own priorities and biases."

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