Jane Cady Rathbone Design Retreat

Named in honor of Jane Rathbone, our current Board Chair and CEO Emeritus, our Annual Design Retreat is inspired by Jane’s belief that experiencing great design is essential to creating great design. The opportunity to retreat with colleagues and dedicate time to a design focused dialogue has had an immeasurable imprint on our practice.

For many attendees the Retreat is a time of professional renewal where together we share, collaborate, and challenge our thinking.The faculty-led team is inspired by visiting exceptional contemporary, vernacular and historic architecture, lectures, site walks, sketching, photography and dialogue. Upon their return, the team formally shares their experiences and their new point of reference with the broader firm.

This annual retreat has taken us to fascinating and diverse locations across the globe. The true hallmark of the experience is the impact on our design culture, as we deepen our connections to great design, our practice and our colleagues.