Firm Overview


Curiosity, exploration and reflection shape design and innovative outcomes at Hanbury, supporting our aspirations to be a global resource for our clients. We engage in the most relevant research to enrich our work and to strategically partner with our clients.

Since 1979, Hanbury has been a voice in the planning, architecture, and interior design professions across the United States and abroad. Our practice is based on a willingness to listen and learn, exploring transformational ideas with colleagues, clients, and consultants, garnering the recognition of both design and industry-specific award programs. 

Our studio environment encourages inclusivity, exploration, research, and critical thinking. We value collaboration both internally and with our consultants and clients. Sharing ideas, listening, and embracing the contributions of all in the conversation enhances our work. 


We produce exceptional design. Our culture celebrates design excellence and innovation. 

We believe architecture can impart a sense of joy and optimism to life. Our work is an offering to that vitality where the lives of others might be touched by the spaces and forms we shape. 
We believe buildings that are loved and endure, matter. 


We recognize the power of architecture in human interactions and measure a project’s success by its impact on users, the community, and context. As Hanbury has evolved, we’ve concentrated our design focus on several areas that best serve this potential: higher education, science & technology, and civic/community — all with a commitment to the highest and best use of resources and a long-range view of environmental impact.


Our people are undeniably our most valuable resource. Our collective promise lies in celebrating the potential of each individual, while embracing strategic optimism and inventing our future by growing a firm of choice by design. Hanbury encourages systematic mentoring through the project process and sponsors tailored initiatives through Hanbury Performance Coaching and professional development through Hanbury Academy — the growth of each individual and the growth of the firm are inextricably connected, so too are the benefits of each. 

Our work is strengthened through fostering an inclusive environment where underrepresented voices are sought, included, and valued. We seek to empower all voices through active listening, thoughtful engagement, and holistic design solutions. Design excellence requires shaping and leading a firm that cares for the world in which we seek to live. Our successful future depends on transparent actionable change guided by knowledgeable voices.


A hallmark of life at Hanbury is participation in our Legacy Programs, these three distinctive programs contribute greatly to our vision of practicing as a ‘living company’ in which our commitment to lifelong learning and continual renewal will inspire the members of our firm, our work and our bright future.  

Nicholas E. Vlattas Summer Scholars

Jane Cady Rathbone Design Retreat

S. Michael Evans Virginia Design Medalist