Nicholas E. Vlattas Summer Scholars

Named in honor of Nick Vlattas, founding member of the firm, former COO, and a member of the firm for 40 years, our Summer Scholars program is inspired by Nick’s passion for growing our profession and attracting the best and brightest young talent to Hanbury. The summer scholar programs are integral to the firm’s strategic thinking to inspire and nurture new design talent and to grow the firm’s global outreach. A rich experience, the scholars program provides housing, training, design trips and special project opportunities. This unique learning experience has attracted students nationally and from abroad, with more than 50 Scholars from 23 prestigious schools of architecture throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, India and China. Many Scholars have had such a meaningful experience they returned to Hanbury following their graduation to launch their professional careers. 

The program engages and nurtures our entire firm. Members of our firm team grow professionally as they mentor the Scholars. The Vlattas Scholars Program realizes our firm vision of practicing as a ‘learning organization’ in which learning occurs at all levels of experience; mentoring up and down to grow the firm and provide opportunities through the attraction of top talent and invest in young minds and the future of our profession.