Knowing that the summer scholar experience grows and improves every year, I would continue to choose the Hanbury summer scholar program over any other internship. There are very few, if any, opportunities that are as amazing and all-encompassing as the experience that Hanbury provides. You will not regret it!

Frankie Reed, Summer Scholar Class of 2022


My biggest takeaway was seeing design from a broader scope and realizing that design does not have to end in a plans, section, and model form. Designing policy, framework, and larger scale layouts is design too, something we do not really focus on in school.

Ryan Hays, Summer Scholar Class of 2022


It felt as if a company was investing in me not for personal gain but with the understanding that to educate a new generation of architects is to invest in the future of how our world is created and taken care of.

TM Peterson, Summer Scholar Class of 2022


I really appreciate the collaborative nature of the firm that helped me to get involved in many different projects this summer, from small renovation to brand new residence halls. It was interesting to see the range of work done.

KJ Ammon, Summer Scholar Class of 2021


I was so happy to get the chance to meet and work with the scholars in person. We already had a great team dynamic from virtual meetings, but virtual can never replace in-person collaboration. We got together to sketch, model, and discuss our ideas in the Raleigh office. Seeing the trace paper and foam models pile up around us as went through each design phase was inspiring! It was like a physical timeline of our process.

Sophia Li, Summer Scholar Class of 2021


Working on a major urban project, collaborating with other scholars, and having meetings and discussions with city officials and business developers were great experiences that have great value for me as a student getting ready to enter the professional world.

Ashkan Radnia, Summer Scholar Class of 2020


Throughout our summer experience, the other scholars and I had regular presentations to update the rest of the firm on what we were up to. After every presentation I was always thoroughly impressed by how many people working in the firm desired to help us and be a part of our learning process. The feedback we received was incredibly valuable and always led us to new conclusions. I was especially impressed by many in the firm who would take additional time to go out of their way to point us towards research that they had found on their own that they graciously wanted to share with us.

Emily Zekany, Summer Scholar Class of 2020


I now understand what it means for a company to care about your goals and that there needs to be a balance between my goals and the firm's overall goals. … I particularly enjoyed meeting with [Hanbury’s Marketing Director] Daina Januska and learning about the fees related to design. Understanding market growth and market share is a crucial business development factor for conceptualizing and making informed decisions on the firm's future.

John David Zogg, Summer Scholar Class of 2020


It’s a rare opportunity for you to work as a student in a place where you feel responsible, where what you work on as a summer scholar actually matters and helps the firm itself. You won’t feel like an intern, but more as an employee who is an essential part of the firm’s work culture. It is, if anything, unique.

Aayush Das Anat, Summer Scholar Class of 2019


I got to work on a research project with my fellow scholars, and create a project that we were all proud of. It was an excellent experience working with a team of other scholars developing a project far greater than ourselves.

Michael Farkas, Summer Scholar Class of 2018


The Summer Scholar experience at Hanbury is much more than a job, or even a typical internship. You’re treated like a member of the firm from the start, and they truly make an effort to help you grow as a team member, a leader and a designer. During our research project, I was able to engage with people from the city and nearby universities, and visit projects in Raleigh and Washington DC that address similar concerns to the challenges facing Norfolk today.

Julia Costa, Summer Scholar Class of 2018


The summer scholar research project is the most in-depth project that I have ever worked on. I really enjoyed working with the summer scholars and watching the project grow into the final product. The late night coffee house sessions were definitely worth it, and I hope the project can inspire growth within the community of Norfolk.

Claire Shue, Summer Scholar Class of 2018


The summer design trip was excellent. I saw a side of Washington DC which I have never seen before. We visited projects which were very relevant to our research project and the firm’s work in general.

Jonathan Warner, Summer Scholar Class of 2018


Hanbury puts a strong emphasis on developing and growing designers, and you see this through the various lectures, trips, and time leaders of the firm are spending with you. I have grown exponentially this summer as a young professional and am thrilled with my summer experience in Norfolk and at Hanbury.

Rachel Flanagan, Summer Scholar Class of 2016


The Summer Scholar program is a truly unique experience where you really feel like you are part of the team. I highly recommend all architecture students to apply to join Hanbury for an unforgettable summer experience.

Kelsey Margulies, Summer Scholar Class of 2015


The Summer Scholar program at Hanbury is a fantastic and unique summer experience. I was able to integrate well into the team and work on a variety of projects and project types. The firm is genuinely interested in the scholars’ thoughts, ideas, and design interests. The learning culture is a great aspect of the firm, and I enjoyed attending as many lectures, presentations, and activities as possible. The people of Hanbury are so welcoming and the culture is unparalleled. Overall I had a wonderful summer in Norfolk and my expectations of the firm were more than fulfilled.

Ellen Hart, Summer Scholar Class of 2013


The Summer Scholar Program completely exceeded my expectations. It is exactly what a student are looking for. The Graphic Month, Virginia Design Medal, construction site visits, the wonderful Rural Studio Trip, and most important is the nice people here! The learning culture is great and you cannot expect more! We are welcomed by open arms, involved with the project, learning from professionals and enjoy the fantastic and various summer festivals in downtown Norfolk. It is the most exciting and amazing summer I ever have! Thank you to provide such an excellent program.

Yichen Zhu, Summer Scholar Class of 2013


The firm places a tremendous amount of trust in the abilities of the scholars, and exhibits an interest in continuing education unrivaled by other firm experiences I’ve had.  Simultaneous to living and working in Norfolk, the opportunity to work alongside the Virginia Design Medalist, a Design trip to Washington D.C., and the reward of helping out with actual project work has made this summer truly meaningful for my growth as a designer.

Paul Landon, Summer Scholar Class of 2010


The Summer Scholar program was a great introduction into the workings of a vibrant firm. What impresses me about Hanbury is its attention and generosity to its employees. The firm invests in its people. Whether it is the International Design Retreat, the Virginia Design Medalist, the Academy, or the Summer Scholar Program, the firm continually encourages and provides opportunities for its employees to grow. I gained a sense of place that is really defined by the people, and that is what I will ultimately remember about my summer.

Lulu Li, Summer Scholar Class of 2009


I applied to the Summer Scholars program looking for something different in a summer internship. My experience with Hanbury exceeded all of my expectations. My 11 weeks in Norfolk provided me with dozens of new friends, countless learning experiences, and a newly found sense of place in the architectural profession.

Kevin Wade, Summer Scholar Class of 2008


Hanbury offers a unique work atmosphere in which you can learn by doing, all combined with a wonderful integration of design philosophy, comradeship, respect and generosity. The experience transformed an ordinary summer into one of the best personal experiences of my life and established a platform for future professional practice.

Enrique Mercadillo, Summer Scholar Class of 2007