State Capitol Master Plan

Hanbury was charged with developing a Scope of Work for the preservation of the seat of government of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The historic Virginia State Capitol Building is the seat of government for the state, with both aesthetic and practical significance. Recognizing this value, Hanbury assembled a team of top consultants to restore and preserve the building. The scope of work included development of programming documents; a narrative defining the condition of the building; recommendations for corrective actions; recommendations for the conservation and preservation of the historic building fabric; projected time frame for construction; and a complete budget estimate for the renovation.

Investigation into the building's condition included infrared photography and moisture tests to determine how water was migrating through the building, core samples of wall construction, sounding the stucco, analysis of the structure of the dome, and archaeological excavations.  The investigation work was completed within an ambitious six-week timetable by following a work plan developed by the project team.

The project was kept on course with a detailed schedule, empowerment of key decision-makers, regular work sessions, and the establishment of an on-site office. Clear methods of communication, including the development of a project website, further supported the project's goals and aggressive timeframe.

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