Fort Monroe Historic Preservation Manual and Design Standards

Located on Old Point Comfort, Va., Fort Monroe embodies 400 years of history in its buildings, fortifications, and archeological sites. In 2011, the U.S. Army closed the fort as an active military installation. The land and its more than 230 historic structures is now managed by the Fort Monroe Authority for the Commonwealth of Virginia. To preserve the integrity of the Fort Monroe National Historic Landmark District, Hanbury first conducted a detailed survey, the results of which were used to create a database for preservation planning and building maintenance. Subsequently, the firm prepared the Fort Monroe Historic Preservation Manual and Design Standards to be used as guidance for development, construction, preservation, and maintenance.
The guidelines set forth in the document establish protocols for the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of the fort's elements, and direct new construction to be compatible with the overall character of the District. In addition, the design standards inform residents, developers, property managers and contractors on the care, treatment and planning policies for the site's historic buildings, structures, objects, and landscapes, and assure that overall character, ambiance, and significant features of the entire site are respected. New construction is to be compatible with extant massing, scale, and architectural character.

Based on sound and accepted preservation practices, the guidelines establish a solid road map for all future undertakings at Fort Monroe, protecting and preserving this historic treasure during reuse.

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