120 Atlantic Street

After more than 20 years without any major modifications, Hanbury’s Downtown Norfolk office renovation aspired to embrace our work process and express our firm culture by designing spaces that foster community, encourage collaboration, and promote healthy and sustainable living. Our challenge was to instigate these changes while reducing our footprint by 50 percent and still accommodate growth. To do this, we removed interior walls and reduced personal spaces and private rooms to accommodate more shared spaces, a bigger library and increased storage for project samples. Minimizing the new construction also brought daylight and outside views to every inch of the office while cutting our lighting and mechanical demands. The new stair between floors is now a communal feature where conversations are sparked and healthy movement is encouraged a connection not previously enjoyed with the original back of house, enclosed fire stairs. The dramatically open environment puts our sustainability ethos into practice, makes our work process and product visible and has enabled a completely new style of working.

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