South Green Sector Plan & Housing Development

Hanbury, in association with AECOM, was hired to design all three phases of the south green area of campus. Hanbury was the design architect for the entire effort and led the development of a Sector Plan for the South Green, integrating the proposed three phases of housing development within a comprehensive open space and circulation framework, linking the South Green District with the campus core. The total project includes the incorporation and restructuring of circulation, both pedestrian and vehicular, gardens, recreation fields, green space and parking for the entire area.
Phase 1 includes two new buildings providing housing for 912 students. The design focuses around student communities at different levels, linking two quads of 456 students each. The quads are symmetrical around the central learning commons with each community maintaining elements that provide it with an individual identity. The Learning Commons is the central building, positioned as a link between the two residential quads.  Meeting spaces used by staff during the day can be available to students as study spaces at night. Two smart classrooms located on the second floor are ideal locations to draw faculty to the learning commons. The spaces are adjacent to open casual seating areas where students can meet before and after class.
Phase 2 will add 640 beds, creating two new quads engaging four existing buildings. Phase 3 will add 520 beds in two separate quads. 

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