Built in 1925, Rhodes College's Catherine Burrow Refectory is part of the National Historic Register. Over the years, multiple additions to accommodate enrollment growth resulted in an unwieldy dining area that students dubbed "the Rat." To give the historic facility new life and better respond to the demands of the 21st-century student, Hanbury planned, programmed and designed a distinctive, fresh and state-of-the-art space that remains in harmony with the symbolism and architectural traditions of the campus. 
Renovations and an addition have transformed the refectory into a marketplace servery with a diverse range of seating options. The existing kitchen and oven flues were reimagined as a fireside lounge for informal dining. A new dining area complements the fabric of the original building and historic dining rooms, and the interior ambiance is inviting; good food and conversation are the focus.
The Catherine Burrow Refectory has become a major destination and focal point of the campus. While the new additions and renovations are distinctly modern, the new private dining room, along with the fireside lounge, complement the historic fabric of the original building.
“With good planning and a creative design, Hanbury transformed our dining facility into a highly functional and inviting dining environment where students also come to study and socialize.”
– Brian Foshee, Director of Physical Plant, Rhodes College

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