West Village

Now home to 141 upperclassmen housed in single- and double-room suites, The new West Village at Rhodes College has become so appealing to seniors that it has become the residence of choice over any other campus apartments. Amenities include laundry facilities on every floor; a variety of common social spaces, including two fireplaces; and an open, common-use kitchen. Hanbury's work followed on our 2000 Campus Master Plan, and included the planning, programming and design of this new-suite style community as well as the renovation of the adjacent Burrow Refectory. 

These spaces: 

  • Create an exceptional residential experience for upperclassmen 
  • Provide timeless, inviting food service venues
  • Establish a new quad, illustrating the strength of good campus connections
  • Define a new campus entry
  • Forge elegant architectural connections between old and new 

The new campus additions are distinctive, fresh and state-of-the-art, yet charged with symbolism and graced by the history and architectural traditions of Rhodes.

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