South Colleges Renovations and Additions

Inspired by both the historic context and the desire to realize the greatest outcomes offered by the residential college experience, the renovations and new construction for the existing South Colleges at Rice University have transformed the student experience. Using the research and analysis (developed by Hanbury) for the ideal civic and academic outcomes in a college community, the life of these colleges is invigorated through enhanced space relationships, new program opportunities and the desire to foster social relationships between students, faculty and staff.  

The new work enhances the existing historic architectural, academic and social context as well as several campus connections through the south campus. Each of the colleges impacted by this work now hosts the offerings of the traditional college experience, and is further complemented by new spaces, technology and aesthetic enhancements that preserve what is core, yet bring these colleges well into the 21st century. Students and faculty find the new features invigorating to their daily experience as well as nurturing of new opportunities for college operations, gatherings and special events. 

Hanbury worked as Executive Architect on the project and collaborated with the Design Architects, Hopkins Architects.

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