Culpeper State Theatre Restoration

The State Theatre in Culpeper, Virginia was the town’s primary movie house from the time it was built in 1938 until it closed in 1993. Its Art Deco design makes it a unique structure in the town which is dominated by Italianate and turn-of-the-century structures. 

The Foundation commissioned Hanbury to design a complete restoration of the building, both interior and exterior. This includes the restoration of the lobby and house to their Art-Deco appearance, retaining the original ticket booth. It also includes a new HVAC system, adapting the stage for a variety of theatre and movie events; adding dressing rooms, green rooms and storage space; adding state-of-the-art lighting, sound and projections systems; upgrading the seating; adding a reception area, concessions, and patron lounge; and adding an elevator to access the balcony. Exterior renovations include restoring the wedding-cake façade and the signature marquee and blade sign and site improvements made for improved pedestrian and vehicular flow. 

The State Theatre is once again a part of the vibrant atmosphere of the town of Culpeper and provides a venue for audiences and performers that is unique in this area.

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