East Quad Renovation

East Quad at the University of Michigan is home to 830 first- and second-year students, offering a traditional residential and dining experience for students, including the residential college of which 400 residents are members. 
The renovations designed by Hanbury, in association with IDS, redefine the student experience, transforming a pair of obsolete 1930’s gothic quads into a vibrant residential and dining experience. In addition to the core residential and dining program, East Quad continues its historic role providing exceptional academic integration in the residence. As a residential college, the program capitalized on this success and integrates two additional learning communities. 
Renovations enhance all programs by providing a contemporary and efficient setting that honors the historic integrity of the original structure and integrates state-of-the-art dining, classroom and residential features. Individual music practice rooms are located in the lower level amidst sculpture, painting and photography studios.
The dining hall features a variety of dining rooms, including multipurpose private dining rooms, traditional dining venues and an emporium. The dining experience continues the University’s commitment to sustainability providing students with organic, local, “farm-to-table,” and vegetarian/vegan dining options. The emporium is located and designed to enhance faculty and student connections for the Residential College and Learning Communities, including special language lunch tables and coffee hours. 
The renovation also enhances both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the facility, by streamlining operations and support features and most importantly developing a central heart to the community, one that fosters physical, social and academic connections, as well as a sense of identity and belonging for the entire community. 
“Hanbury has successfully interwoven critical needs, aspirations and mission-specific elements into a beautiful, functional design. Over the past seven years I have been the project manager for every project that Hanbury has designed on our campus. Their team is superb at listening to us while raising innovative ideas to solve complex problems. Our collaborations have been interesting, productive and challenging.”
Diana Adzemovic, Senior Design Manager, University of Michigan

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