Hanes Art Center Makerspace

Hanbury completed preliminary planning for proposed renovations to UNC's existing Hanes Makerspace to better accommodate changing teaching pedagogies, in-depth training, large project work and materials/project storage. While technically housed within the Hanes Art Center (art department), the renovation updates and expands upon UNC's ongoing commitment to diverse/multidisciplinary collaboration and is open for use to all faculty, students and staff within the campus community regardless of major, research, or seniority (from part-time/temporary staff to endowed professors and everything in between).

Lab planning, wayfinding, space utilization, multidisciplinary collaboration and safety were key project drivers. Renovations will include re-imagined/maximized floor plan, renewed infrastructure, new dust collection system, a pottery kiln, additional laser cutters, 3D printers, new/updated CNC and other heavy woodworking equipment. 

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