Summer Scholar Program

The highly successful Summer Design Scholars Program established in 2003 was developed as part of the firm’s strategic thinking to find and nurture new design talent and to grow the firm’s global outreach. Previously, the firm would hire students from the Hampton Roads area who were home for the summer and had contacted the firm. By providing housing and a unique learning experience, the firm now expands its reach to the best and brightest students from around the nation and abroad. The program has attracted over 50 students from 23 prestigious schools of architecture throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and China. Seven Scholars have been hired by the firm as full-time employees following graduation as a result of the program. 

The program nurtures employee growth in the firm, not only for the Scholars, but also for the firm’s employees who serve as mentors to the Scholars during the summer. It has become a legacy program of the firm and truly is a two-way benefit for us to learn from the Scholars as well as to give the Scholars an introduction into the practice of architecture.