Residence Master Plan

The University of Calgary engaged Hanbury to develop a 20-year master plan for residence facilities, focusing on the type, size and location of facilities required as well as the implications that residential expansion would have on food services. The process included benchmarking of Canadian G15 peer institutions, a local off-campus market analysis and the development of an implementation plan and financial pro forma. 

The Residence Master Plan (RMP) proposes to increase on-campus student accommodation to 15 percent of undergraduate full load by 2022. An initial component of the plan is to develop 380 new beds for single graduate students and 200 new beds targeted toward upper year students by the fall of 2015, in time for the University’s 50th anniversary.

Overall, the plan proposes the demolition of 456 beds in the five buildings constructed for the 1988 Olympics, the construction of approximately 1,570 new beds in five buildings and the periodic update and renovation of the remaining student housing facilities.


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