Journal of Green Building: Developing a Resilience Tool for Higher Education Institutions: A Must-Have in Campus Master Planning

Resilience has become a prominent topic in the planning and design industry over the past several years. States, cities and entire regions face an ever-growing threat of environmental and societal challenges, including natural disasters, sea level rise, climate change, terrorism and financial insolvency.

For an in-depth article recently published in the Journal of Green Building, I and Hanbury co-authors, Scott Evans Miller and Elizabeth Morgan collaborated with Dan Simundza of Virginia Tech’s Global Forum for Urban and Regional Resilience. The article is meant to give university leaders and industry participants a broad framework to direct discussion and dissect levels of resilience, opportunities and potential shortfalls, and highlight resilient campus planning best practices. The aim is to provide a framework for institutions to measure and strengthen the resilience of their infrastructure, culture, and systems, while contributing to the resilience of their communities. 

You can access the article here or in the Journal of Green Building, Volume 14, Issue 1 (Winter 2019).

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