Al Fajardo embarked on an unconventional path to architecture. While initially considering engineering and dentistry, he credits a transformative dentistry internship for reshaping his career trajectory. Immersed in the creative process of crafting porcelain teeth, Al discovered an affinity for design.

As a Designer, Al seamlessly integrates design, art, and engineering, drawing inspiration from his diverse background. He continually seeks opportunities to elevate spaces, advocating for the use of visualization, parametric design, and VR technologies to bring innovative ideas to life and enhance human experiences. Whether collaborating with clients or colleagues, Al leverages his versatile problem-solving skills and creativity to align client objectives with user needs.

Over his career, Al has cultivated a diverse portfolio showcasing his adaptability. His expertise spans multi-family residential developments, mixed-use office spaces, masterplans, adaptive reuse projects, and science and technology facilities. Notable achievements include a 28-story mixed-use highrise in Philadelphia, an innovative office overbuild in Hoboken, and a pioneering school of veterinary medicine in Glassboro, NJ.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, Virginia Tech