Art Gaskin is an architect and principal with Hanbury. His expertise is the coordination of multiple disciplines to ensure design intent is realized in the final construction, while adhering to budget and schedule. Art is fully invested in projects from conception to opening day. Watching a ribbon being cut for a new project reminds him that what we do every day affects people’s lives, whether they use the new building or just pass by it. Attributing many positive memories of his own college residence experience to the physical environment, he considers it a personal responsibility to address how the design of buildings impact students' well-being and their relationship to the broader community. In complement to his design and project management skills, Art is an avid painter; together with exercise, his personal artistic pursuits help him avoid creative blocks.

  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Notre Dame
  • Rome Studies Program, University of Notre Dame

"One of the best pieces of advice I received early on is that architecture is a service industry. I enjoy my job best when I have a happy client throughout the process and beyond."