KJ Ammon is a young designer bringing fresh perspectives to the field of architecture. With a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, a minor in sustainability, and a Master of Architecture from Clemson University, KJ is driven by the ever-evolving landscape of design and planning.

Inspired by the inclusive nature of modern architecture, KJ is passionate about amplifying diverse voices at the design table. This passion translates into her focus on community-based projects, particularly in the realm of affordable housing. She recognizes the pressing challenge of designing with dignity and eagerly seeks to contribute her skills and creativity to address this issue.

As a young architect, KJ underscores the significance of continuous learning and curiosity. She encourages aspiring architects to maintain a growth mindset, consistently seeking opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills while embracing the power of inquiry. KJ's vibrant personality and passion for community engagement drive her vision of a future where design is not only innovative but also responsive to the needs of individuals and communities.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Clemson University