Rachel Bek is an Architect with expertise spanning single-family, multi-family, hospitality, and state construction projects. With an innate ability to navigate all phases of architectural practice, Rachel excels at successful design delivery and construction within tight deadlines.

As an artist, Rachel views the world through a design lens, recognizing the importance that place-making has in our everyday lives.  Simultaneously, she embraces the architect's identity as an "organizer of space," drawing inspiration from the seamless integration of the function and feel of a project. She is particularly inspired by Mass Timber, a medium that elegantly blends structural integrity with interior aesthetics, imbuing spaces with sustainable warmth.

Within her role, Rachel thrives on the intricacies of renovation projects, viewing constraints as powerful catalysts for creative solutions. Her favorite design phase lies in the transition from schematic design to design development, a phase that enables her to bring creative visions to life while meticulously addressing material details and design nuances.