Driven by a commitment to sustainable design and community engagement, Sabiya blends expertise in urban planning and environmental sustainability to craft design solutions that prioritize equity and ecological well-being. Holding a Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia, her impactful portfolio ranges from university masterplans to orchestrating a student-driven program with Wildrock, highlighting her dedication to community-centered design.

Drawing from her educational background rooted in urban planning, Sabiya brings extensive knowledge of green infrastructure to her role as a Designer. Inspired by emerging trends like biophilic design and community-centered processes, she envisions a future where design seamlessly integrates environmental and social consciousness. Sabiya's passion lies in projects prioritizing accessible public green spaces, recognizing their potential to elevate community well-being and inclusivity, particularly among underrepresented age groups. Mindful of diverse community needs, she works to ensure that designs contribute positively to their surrounding environment, fostering long-term sustainability and resilience.

  • Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia