A detail-oriented Architect, Sam Englehart specializes in multi-family housing, skillfully blending form and function to create dynamic living spaces. A native of Silver Spring, MD, he has a passion for transformative urban projects that foster community engagement and respond to cultural and historical contexts.

Sam's portfolio includes high-rise apartments, adaptive reuse and office-to-residential conversions, as well as student housing projects. He has contributed to all phases of the design and construction administration process - notably on a 28-story mixed-use multi-family building in Silver Spring, Maryland and a 560-unit office to residential conversion in Washington, DC. 

Sam's experience in design feasibility, documentation, and construction administration, provides a holistic perspective. He brings optimism, creativity, and practicality to the forefront of the design process, creating architecture imbued with positive solutions to global challenges like sustainability, urbanity, and housing equity.

  • Masters in Architecture,¬†University of Maryland
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University