Zach Bonenberger is a Project Architect at Hanbury. Zach is experienced in project management across all phases of the design and construction process and thrives in the contract documents process. His architectural approach is quiet and subtle with a refined sense of detailing. Zach is well versed in architectural engineering and the integration of new software and technology in the building and design process. Zach is also trained in current sustainable design practices including material selection and code compliance. Zach most enjoys practicing architecture when designing for the end user in mind – whether it’s students in school projects or employees in workplace projects. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of what architecture can do and achieve, rethinking old architectural models and practices.

  • Masters of Architecture, North Carolina State University
  • Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering, Murray State University

“To be a good architect means to be a good advocate. We wear many hats and tirelessly work to learn about our clients and their needs. Architecture is something that we all interact with; and good architecture has the ability to evoke feelings and create memories.”