sPARK Axis Center

Strategically positioned on the threshold of the expansive 102-acre campus, sPARK Axis Center unfolds as a welcoming ‘pavilion for the community’. Artfully combining architecture with nature, sPARK Axis embodies unity, embracing the harmonious balance of indoor and outdoor living. Through thoughtful design and engaging programming, the facility serves as a central gathering place, offering a dynamic and inviting hub for both the campus and the broader community.



The design concept is simple yet impactful - a sweeping roof that gracefully blurs the line between built and natural environments, punctuated by artful perforations above the patio that invite sunlight and fresh air, creating an interplay between the elements. The selection of natural materials such as wood, stone, and live plantings delivers a modern yet inviting aesthetic that fosters a unique connection with nature.

The inclusion of trees beneath the canopy symbolizes growth, echoing the spirit of the Campus, while a two-story planted green wall reaffirms the indoor/outdoor connectivity. Prioritizing flexibility, the layout incorporates operable interior and exterior walls and expansive glazed sections, creating an open and adaptable interior that can respond to the evolving needs of the community.



Beyond its design, the facility boasts a diverse program, featuring a welcoming café, shared co-working space, a library for knowledge-sharing, and a recreational center. Thoughtfully crafted amenities nurture collaboration and community, including a spacious 300-person indoor event space. A bar, central gathering stair, and shared spaces reinforce the commitment to fostering a vibrant, interconnected environment. Outdoor offerings include an amphitheater, open-air conference rooms, and basketball/volleyball courts.


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