Student Residential Learning Complex

The vision for the new Student Residential Learning Complex is to provide greater privacy for first- and second-year students in a contemporary suite-style setting while also facilitating intellectual and social interaction among faculty, staff, and students. The project consisted of two residential colleges—one for the Honors College and the second for the School of Natural Resources.
The University of Vermont views this project as an opportunity to show its commitment to environmentally responsible design and construction, while balancing these values with economic constraints. The design actively addresses the issues of energy efficiency, siting, building design and durability, resource impacts, indoor air quality, and operation and maintenance. The new housing is designed in a manner sensitive to student safety issues including visibility at doors, entrances, landscaping, sidewalks, and access to automobile and bicycle parking. 
“The design helps educate students, faculty and staff about how we can live in a more environmentally responsible way.”
Annie Stevens, Assistant Vice President for Student and Campus Life

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