Verde Dining Pavilion

Part of an ambitious initiative by Arizona State University to increase its residential population and enhance student life, Verde Dining Pavilion is much more than just a place to grab a meal. The facility is positioned strategically on the north edge of a new campus quad along with academic resources, new student housing, and a new campus recreation center.

The Pavilion leverages a building concept that is both physically and visually open, establishing it as a place to “see and be seen.” Shaded exterior dining lines the quad's pedestrian mall, while interior window seats blend indoor and outdoor dining experiences. Oversized "garage doors" permit the seating area to be  configured as a single inclusive, flexible, interactive space or divided for club and group activities. The trayless "platform" servery concept is efficient and functional while contributing to the facility's sense of openness and community. Retail spaces are linked internally to dining and share a courtyard that opens to the pedestrian mall, making Verde Dining Pavilion part of a network that embraces dining as well as programmed activities on the quad.

We finally have THAT place on campus, where the students know their friends are, and where things are happening. This is more than a building, it’s our 'hot spot.'
Mistalene Calleroz White, Former Dean of Students on the West Campus, Arizona State University

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