North Residential Neighborhood North Dining Facility

As campus dining facilities have evolved into places for students, faculty and sometimes even the community to gather, socialize, and eat, the dynamics of success often concern far more than the quality of the fare. Layered into facility location and siting, are the relation to campus, residence halls, pathways, and the inherent capacity to galvanize and invigorate campus life. Ball State University’s new North Dining Facility, designed by Hanbury in association with CSO Architects, is positioned on the campus-side of the North Residential Village, home to over 500 students. The pedestrian pathway linking North Village to central campus passes directly through the dining pavilion, making the facility a part of the every-day student experience, and the place to see-and-be-seen day and night. An extension of the pathway, the primary dining and servery areas are oriented south, overlooking the exterior porch seating, a new campus quad and central campus beyond. With soaring glass walls the space is light-filled by day and an illuminated beacon by night.

North Dining features seven retail Micro-Restaurants™ and a Starbucks, presenting a variety of menus, settings and freshly prepared foods. Utilizing available locally sourced ingredients and an open kitchens concept, the facility is designed to attract students, faculty, staff, and guests from the Muncie community. Varied and flexible seating options offer a variety of settings for individuals, groups, and events.

The University and the Muncie community are committed to environmental stewardship. North Dining building technology and systems are designed to optimize dining operations and building performance, conserving energy and water use. 

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