East Campus Housing

This new East Campus neighborhood, designed by Hanbury, is attracting and building a strong upperclassmen community. Student voice played a significant role in the process providing insight to the culture of ‘house living’ among upperclassmen. The new neighborhood includes both apartments and houses designed to uniquely capture the benefits of the living culture the students love, to optimize the upperclassmen needs and celebrate the exterior spaces as extended student common space. 

A key goal of the students and the administration was to push this project beyond ACUHO-I’s 21st Century thinking. As one of the three prototype campuses selected by ACUHO-I for their 21st Century Project, Colorado College completed one renovation and this new upperclassmen village. During advanced planning several sustainable construction systems were studied, including cross laminated timber, prefabricated metal wall systems and modular unit construction. The team provided the College with comparative life-cycle cost data including the pros and cons of each system.

In addition to sustainability strategies, the design team focused on project costs and student wellness. Key features of the living units include ways to enhance the physical environment for wellness as well as for affordability. A Construction Manager was brought on board to work with the design team to validate costs and direction so early decisions were sound, accomplishable and maximized the desired outcomes of the new neighborhood.

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