sPARK Leasing Kiosk

An Evolving Campus Center for Adaptive Engagement

The sPARK leasing kiosk is a small yet innovative project within the dynamic sPARK development, reimagining the concept of a campus center. Initially designed as a leasing center, it provides a welcoming and immersive experience for potential tenants, users, and partners. With adaptability and mobility at its core, the kiosk seamlessly transitions into an ancillary meeting space as the campus evolves. This project showcases a fusion of architectural finesse, strategic positioning, and a user-centric approach, creating a structure that embraces the fluidity and evolution of the campus.

Leasing Phase

During the leasing phase, the kiosk provides a compelling introduction to the sPARK campus. Its design, characterized by interplay between mass and void, carves away sections to reveal warm wooden elements, establishing a harmonious connection with nature. Strategic placement of exterior apertures provides glimpses of the diverse focal points across the campus, igniting curiosity and setting the stage for exploration.

Adaptive Design and Mobility

Designed to be moved throughout its lifespan, the kiosk overcomes the challenges of relocation while simultaneously maintaining its architectural integrity. Its design philosophy balances the art of floating above the landscape, symbolizing the transient nature of the early development phases, and grounding itself within the future greenspace. This thoughtful integration ensures a seamless transition as the kiosk finds its permanent home along the central greenway.

Future Phases 

Beyond its initial leasing purpose, the kiosk serves as an intersection of connection and celebration. Strategically relocated to a central location, it becomes an ancillary meeting space where the sPARK community converges, connects, and collaborates. The attention to detail, from furniture to artwork, creates an environment that inspires creativity and nurtures meaningful interactions, solidifying its role in shaping the collaborative fabric of the sPARK community.

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